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Our online loan application system is as easy and convenient as you'll find anywhere!  If you run into any bumps, please give us a call at (509) 328-2900 or (800) 541-4310.  You can also reach us by email at

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  • New and used vehicles - Apply now! 
  • New and used boats (whee!) - Apply now! 
  • New and used recreational vehicles like pickup campers, tent trailers, fifth wheel trailers, conversion vans and motor homes  - Apply now! 
  • New and used motorcycles (we care about your noggin so don't forget your helmet!), jet skis, and all terrain vehicles  - Apply now! 
  • New and used manufactured homes - Apply now!

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  • Home purchase
  • Home refinance
  • First and second mortgages on your primary residence
  • First mortgage on a non-residence
  • First mortgage on undeveloped land
  • Home improvements

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"This is one of the best banking options you will find in and around Spokane. I opened an account in 1976 and have
been a member ever since.
The employees know their customers and are exceptionally helpful and competent. I have also found SFCU to be much more flexible and reliable for loans with the best interest rates. 
I highly recommend banking with Spokane Federal Credit Union!"
~ Annelinde