The Main Branch teller line at 601 W. Mallon will be under construction May 6 - June 7 for enhancements. During the remodel, please visit the Drive-Up at 930 N. Howard. The Main Branch will still be open for Loan & Member Services.

At SpoFed, We Put Our Members First

Membership is at the core of our values.

Spokane Federal is a not-for-profit organization created to serve the needs of its members. Period. We're not looking at quarterly profit targets or ways to cheat the little guy to increase shareholder value. We do what we do to provide the highest quality financial products and services and the highest level of personalized service and commitment to each and every member, every time they call, drop by or access us online.

We're here to serve you. And we care about what you think.

Our Core Values

Be WOW Worthy

Why be good, when you can be great?  Our size will not limit us in exceeding members' expectations.  We don't want to be the biggest credit union; we want to be the best and won't settle for anything less!

Embrace FISH!

We will be there.  We will make someone's day.  We will play and have a little fun.  We will choose our attitudes during the good times, as well as the bad; that is what makes us sparkle.

Own It

We pride ourselves on accepting responsibility for our actions.  It is one of the key building blocks in developing successful relationships with our members and each other.

Working Towards a Common Vision

SFCU is a special place to work and to be a member.  At any given time, we are all striving to keep SFCU a welcoming, fun, friendly place while providing exceptional, personal service to our member owners and being a caring neighbor in our community.  Dreamers welcome...


Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

We act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth. We encourage the voice within each of us and hear each other fully.

Celebrate our Successes

We recognize and reward the achievements of one another, and share life's milestones with our members by having fun and celebrating our successes along the way.

Stay Connected

Spokane Federal is more than just your credit union, we're part of your community. Let us help connect you with your community.