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The Cougs, the books, the budget.   

Hi everyone! My name is Alina and I recently graduated from a lovely university in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as Washington State University. Go Cougs! I started writing for the Making Cents of College Life Blog as a sophomore in college and seasonally worked as Spokane Federal's Marketing Intern until my graduation in 2016. Now I am honored to hold the position as Marketing Coordinator and am thrilled to continue providing financial advice to those still in college or in their post-college-life stage.

Recently I’ve been working on something new and special for the college blog that I’m sure you’ll find informative and fun! We’ve partnered with Brass Media | The Money Side of Life to provide you with detailed blogs about financial and life tips.  Brass Media is an education company that creates content to make it easy to share important information about fundamental money matters with students, employees and members.

The blogs we’ve chosen to feature range from renting vs. buying, wallet friendly travel tips, and cutting every day costs. We are so excited to share these helpful articles with you and have featured our first two below. Enjoy! 

College Cents Stories

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