Apr 20

A Home Equity Loan Can Help

Thinking about remodeling the kitchen? Maybe you’d like to build a shop or a new deck? How about installing a hot tub or creating a media room? A home equity loan from Spokane Federal lets you take advantage of your home& ...Continue reading →

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Apr 11

Hello? Where are you?

If you've moved, changed cell phones, or are planning to travel, be sure we know how to find you.  When you're away from home, unusual credit card charges can activate our Fraud Alert Management System and your acc ...Continue reading →

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Apr 07

Spokane Federal's Giving Tree

If you’ve walked around our main lobby recently, you’ll notice this lovely new addition above the fireplace. It’s Spokane Federal’s Giving Tree! In celebration of Spokane Gives month, we wanted to highli ...Continue reading →

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Apr 03

Celebrating Youth All Month Long!

April is Credit Union Youth Month! We've got a ton in store and can't wait to share everything with all of you! Here are a few things we're doing to celebrate youth: Feddy’s Corner is getting a facelif ...Continue reading →

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Apr 03

Buying New or Used: That's the question

Let's be honest with ourselves. Unless you recently signed a major contract with Nike or a professional sports team, chances are you won't be buying an expensive new car anytime soon. Most of us who are looking to purch ...Continue reading →

Mar 29

Spokane Federal Selects CFS For Newly Launched Investment Program

Cuso Financial Services, L.P.* ("CFS") is a full-service brokerage firm and SEC Registered Investment Advisor that provides investment and insurance services exclusively to the credit union industry. In making the dec ...Continue reading →

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Mar 21

Want More Control Over Your Money? Create A Budget.

We live in a very busy world, and with so many areas of our lives to manage, it’s easy to lose track sometimes. When it comes to your financial resources, losing control of what we spend and where and how we spend it can ...Continue reading →

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Mar 13

Morning Madness

Getting three kids up and ready for school can be a daunting task.  If I am not organized about it, it can turn into a stressful, nagging-filled event.  The biggest key for me is to prepare the evening before.  T ...Continue reading →

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Mar 06

Your Home Loan Solutions From Spokane Federal

Whether you're looking for a new home, refinancing the one you're in or thinking about leveraging some of your equity to make improvements around the house, Spokane Federal has the knowledge, products and service you ne ...Continue reading →

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Mar 03

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Imagine someone falsely impersonating you -- another "you" running around, renting an apartment, draining your accounts and even maxing out credit cards in your name. This is the unfortunate reality for those who have ...Continue reading →