Nov 26

Making Christmas Wishes Come True

Today we made our way over to the INB Performing Arts Center where Dave, Ken, and Molly were taking donations for the Christmas Wish program.  We’re happy to help make the holidays brighter for people in our community.  Don't m ...Continue reading →

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Nov 26

Protecting Our Members

The staff at Spokane Federal Credit Union wants to thank you for being so considerate and understanding these past couple days. We experienced higher than usual phone calls and lobby traffic due to reissuing a select number of ...Continue reading →

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Nov 25

Your security is our top priority!

Ensuring your security is our top priority, which is why we took precautions and mailed letters to members whose Debit or Credit Card were at risk of being compromised.  If you did not receive a letter then you don’t need to do ...Continue reading →

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Nov 22

Simple Ways to Save Money

I’ve always been a bargain shopper. I like to call myself “frugal” not “cheap.” I’m that person who gets a compliment on a new shirt and instead of just saying thank you I say, “Thank you, I got it on the clearance rack for $4. ...Continue reading →

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Nov 20

County Coffee Day

We had a wonderful time today visiting with Spokane County employees. The coffee was flowing, the Plinko game was rocking, and one lucky winner walked away with a Christmas tree experience. If you'd like to learn more about th ...Continue reading →

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Nov 19

Family Financial Contract

Does your family have a Family Financial Contract?  Check out Momcents to learn about this fun way to teach kids to be responsible with their money.  Click here for details: ...Continue reading →

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Nov 12

The Greatest Gift

I came across this quote the other day and wanted to share it! “One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is to prepare them to be responsible, empowered adults around money.” I am so lucky my parents gave me this gift ...Continue reading →

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Nov 10

What Kids Really Think

My friend shared this video on Facebook the other day and it spoke to me. As moms we too often look at what we are doing wrong as parents instead of taking time to reflect on what we are doing right. Leave it to the kiddos to s ...Continue reading →

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Nov 08

Veterans Day-honoring all who served!

We would like to thank and recognize all of our brave veterans who have honored and protected our nation by serving in our armed forces, some of whom have offered the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep our country safe and sec ...Continue reading →

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Nov 04

Move over October, it's Movember!

The days are getting short and the brisk wind of the November breeze can bring a chill to any man’s cheeks.  It’s the start of the season where the men in our lives begin to grow those face whiskers.  This season, let us show o ...Continue reading →

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