Jun 27

Attention Android Users: protect your Android device from malware

You've heard us say this many times—ensuring your security is our top priority.  So when we read articles that we think offer valuable information pertaining to security, we want to forward them on to you.  As always, if you ha ...Continue reading →

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Jun 26

Get ‘Er Done-Paying For Your Summer Projects

Last month in our blog we discussed staying safe and being effective while completing your summer projects. This month, we will discuss ensuring that you have the tools necessary to make smart financial decisions when you are c ...Continue reading →

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Jun 24

We've Hopped On The Twitter Train!

As we've established ourselves in the Twitter world, we've realized how great a tool it is for providing quick and easy updates as we make our way around the community! Be sure to "follow" us for simple info about our events a ...Continue reading →

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Jun 24

Inside Scoop On Job Searching!

“School’s out for summer, school’s out forever!” Well not the second part, but the first part is very true! My school’s been out for over a month now, but I know most schools just finished for the summer, so naturally, job sear ...Continue reading →

Jun 19

Budgeting–Conquering College Costs

Some costs are inevitable in college: tuition, books, rent, food, and, in many cases, coffee (yes that is an inevitable cost for me). Since flexing on books, rent or tuition prices isn’t really possible, I figured I’d help out ...Continue reading →

Jun 19

Sun Time Fun Time!

Summer is calling–days of building sandcastles, picking berries, and napping in a hammock are here! If you haven't quite planned your summer activities yet, we found this awesome website that not only gives you a list of varyin ...Continue reading →

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Jun 12

Drive Home With A New Car!

Our Breeze Through Summer promotion is in full swing and we decided to amp up the excitement! We are raffling off a kids electronic ride-in car at our main branch! Swing by to take a look-it's got lots of bells and whistles in ...Continue reading →

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Jun 10

Celebrate Life's Moments With Us!

Lake trips, weddings, camping or suntanning-we all celebrate life's moments in different ways. Send us photos of your favorite summer moments so we can celebrate life's moments with you. Learn more about Celebrating Life's Mo ...Continue reading →

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Jun 09

Chore Charts

So get this.  Ty (8 and a half years old) asked me the other day when he was going to have a chore chart again.  What?!?  Did I hear you correctly?  Now, I don’t believe he was asking because he wants to vacuum and pick up his ...Continue reading →

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