Mar 24

Welcoming Sprint by S-Wireless to the Family!

We are happy to welcome Sprint by S-Wireless to the #SpoFed family! We have already started to work with their employees and look forward to getting to know each of them and familiarizing them with Spokane Federal Credit Union. ...Continue reading →

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Mar 23

Home Sweet Home

While we'd like you to feel right at home here, you'd probably like to have a home of your own, too. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most of us ever make. And we'd like to make sure that when it ...Continue reading →

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Mar 10

Keeping it Fresh

Roughly 130 lunches made, about 60 to go til summer!  Does anyone else dread making school lunches as much as I do? Thankfully my husband is a ton of help when it comes to this chore, or my kids would be having h ...Continue reading →

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Mar 07

5 Productive Ways to Use a Tax Refund

As grueling as taxes are, there can be a silver lining: the refund. Over the past few years, the average federal tax refund has been about $3,000. As tempting as it might be to spend a refund freely, though, take a moment to co ...Continue reading →

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Mar 04

Dave Ramsey's Smart Money Tour 2016

Nerd alert!  I listen to the Dave Ramsey radio show almost every day and when I heard he was coming to Spokane I freaked! I may have screamed in my car and I know I bought tickets that same day.  For those of you who ...Continue reading →

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Mar 03

Hello? Where are you?

If you've moved, changed cell phones, or are planning to travel, be sure we know how to find you.  When you're away from home, unusual credit card charges can activate our Fraud Alert Management System and your acc ...Continue reading →

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