Jul 28

Get Your Tickets Here!

We are now selling tickets for the Spokane County Interstate Fair! We have a variety of ticket options and at a fantastic price range! You can purchase these tickets at our Main Branch at 601 W. Mallon. The fair runs Septem ...Continue reading →

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Jul 22

New Options For First Time Home Buyers

Even when you have a good income and great credit, saving enough for the down payment on a home can be more than many can manage. If that situation sounds familiar, Spokane Federal and CUHMS (Credit Union Home Mortgage Solution ...Continue reading →

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Jul 14

What Starbucks And Your Money Have In Common

By Lauren Byrne, www.HelloHenrys.com It was Monday morning and it seemed as though everything that could possibly go wrong had, in fact, gone wrong. I slept through my alarm. I broke my favorite bowl while pouring my cer ...Continue reading →

Jul 01

Ballin' On A Budget!

By Lauren Byrne (www.hellohenrys.com) We all have that one friend whose lifestyle makes us at least somewhat envious, whose spending decisions make us stop and think “How does (s)he afford all of that!?&rdqu ...Continue reading →