Aug 31

Money Hacks: 4 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

Often times our lives are spent figuring out how to look better, feel better and simply be better. We get it in our heads that in order to fix something, we need to take immediate and extreme action, like crash diets, for examp ...Continue reading →

Aug 29

Ready For Back To School?

Almost all of us dread the end of summer. Kids are reluctant to get back into the routine of early mornings, structured days and the homework that school brings. And, not surprisingly, many parents are also reluctant to get bac ...Continue reading →

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Aug 23

Lunchbox Jokes

It seems like just yesterday my kids and I were singing, “SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!” I feel like I blinked and summer is gone. My Facebook feed is already full of back to school pictures from friends and re ...Continue reading →

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Aug 22

Living The Dream: The Reality Of Buying A Home

By Lauren Byrne, When we picture the American dream, the majority of us visualize owning a house with a white-picket fence, having 2 kids and playing catch with a Golden Retriever in the front yard. Man ...Continue reading →

Aug 18

Birthdays On A Budget

I started this month with a 10, 7 and 4-year-old and here I am a few weeks later with a 10, 8 and 5-year-old.  You know what that means, two birthdays in the same month!  Two birthdays in 5 days to be exact.  Whi ...Continue reading →

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Aug 16

Wherever You Go Service

We live in a mobile world. Sometimes that means moving away to pursue career opportunities. For others, it can mean spending a few months of the year at a second home. At Spokane Federal, we make it easy to stay connected. Auto ...Continue reading →

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Aug 16

Select Employer Groups Make Membership at Spokane Federal Credit Union Special

Membership at Spokane Federal is something that we consider incredibly valuable. Each month, people find their way to us through the recommendation of family and friends, community outreach and online services. We also continue ...Continue reading →

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