Feb 23

Calculate Your Savings!

Are your credit cards costing you too much? Ask Calcubot! We’re excited to introduce a new Calcubot that can show you how to save lots of money on your credit cards. Simply enter your balance (add them up if you have more ...Continue reading →

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Feb 22

Credit Union Day at the Capital

Each year hundreds of credit union employees and volunteer board members ascend into our beautiful state capital for a day filled with educating, advocating and helping others understand the impact of credit unions in our commu ...Continue reading →

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Feb 17

Simple Steps to Save Successfully During America Saves Week 2017

By Tammy G. Bruzon, America Saves America Saves Week (February 27 – March 4, 2017) is an annual opportunity for individuals to assess their savings and take financial action. Each year, we encourage savers & ...Continue reading →

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Feb 10

Scholarship Opportunity!

Education is important. So when we have the opportunity to reward the incredible students in our community, we do the happy dance! Two lucky winners will earn $1,500 each for the next school term. Check out our 2017 scholarship ...Continue reading →

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Feb 09

Valentine Fun For All!

Valentine’s Day (or “The Day of Love” as I like to call it) is one of my favorite holidays.  We like to involve our whole family by spending time together, exchanging little cards or gifts and having yumm ...Continue reading →

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Feb 08

Because Local Matters

Thank you for your membership in Spokane Federal Credit Union. By belonging to a local, member-owned credit union, you’re part of a cooperative movement that delivers substantial benefit to families and businesses, while ...Continue reading →

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Feb 07

You Matter To Us!

We exist because of all of YOU. Whether you're a long-term member or just brand new, you matter to us. You all have equal share and say within the Credit Union. We're happy to bring you this video that explains just how ...Continue reading →

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Feb 02

You've Got Mail

Ella Louise LOVES to get mail!  Every day she asks if there is any mail for her.  Most of the time our mailbox is just full of bills and marketing materials, but the other day there was something addressed to her.&nbs ...Continue reading →

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Feb 02

Find Money To Start Your Emergency Fund

So, you’ve heard that you should have an emergency fund, and your financial worries are really weighing you down. Fend off those worries by starting your own nest egg. Wondering where to find the cash? If your budget is a ...Continue reading →

Feb 02

10 Ways to Cut Your Everyday Costs

Every month, our paychecks get slowly gobbled up by bills big and small -- and it can seem impossible to put any money away for a rainy day. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to spending less. Here ...Continue reading →