Arbor Crest Date Night

By Alina Murcar
Marketing Intern/Making Cents of College Life Blogger

This last weekend, my family celebrated my mom's birthday up at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars. It was my first time going up there and it completely blew me away!! The admission fee on Sundays for their concert nights is just $8 and that includes a place to sit in the grass (if you go early you can get a good spot), dancing and an AMAZING view!!! To make expenses even more reasonable, you can bring your own picnic into the venue to enjoy while you listen to the live music. The only thing you can't bring in is your own alcohol.

So really, the total expense for the date is just $8 if you don't get wine. If you DO get wine, I would recommend the Sangiovese. It's not too bitter, not too sweet and it's super easy to drink. This bottle is about $23.

Overall it was such a lovely evening-easily a great family event (for kids over 21) or a great date night!

CLICK HERE to seewhats next in their concert series.


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