Be eager for new experiences.

My dad, otherwise known as (imagine me cheering this) “Joe Joe the CFO!”, works at the Credit Union as the VP of Finance. That is how I originally became associated with SFCU. In fact, this last summer when I came home from school, I was looking for work and luckily stumbled upon a job here at the Credit Union. It started out just being a few hours here and there and soon turned into an internship! I went from working maybe 20 hours a week to being almost a full-time employee. What an amazing experience, I must say. Having a marketing internship opened my eyes to the possibilities of my future. You see, before I started work here, I was an undecided major entertaining the idea of being a vocal performance major…but I was hesitant. After about a month into the job, I observed amazing teamwork between employees, kind members and a fun “desk” job….(who knew, right?). I felt like I got a glimpse of what my future could be. From then on, I knew that marketing was the field I wanted to work in, so I got hold of my advisor and we worked out my class schedule. Before I knew it, I had signed up for communication courses with the hopes that I would graduate with a bachelor of arts in communication with an emphasis in public relations.

One semester later brings us to today. I still adore the idea of aiming towards public relations and along the way have also decided to earn Spanish and music minors. Yes, basically everything but math and science…my dad may be known as the “charts and graphs” guy, but that must be one of those “skip a generation” genes, because I sure didn’t get it.

If I hadn’t taken on this job, I wouldn’t have gained valuable real world experiences, and I still would probably be undecided about my future. I am entirely grateful for the unforeseen events that happened this past summer.

So what’s one huge lesson I’ve learned from this past year? Be eager for new experiences and roll with the punches because, who knows, it might lead you to where you didn’t know you always wanted to be.

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