By the Third Kid...

I saw this Luvs diaper commercial on TV the other day and it literally had me laughing out loud!  It shows a first time mom making a little girl cover herself with hand sanitizer before she lets her hold her baby.  In the next scene, the mom now has her second baby and hands the baby over to a car mechanic covered in dirt and oil so she can get out her wallet to pay him.  Check it out here:

Yes, it is a bit exaggerated but it shows how uptight first time parents can be versus say a second or third time parent.  I know it rang true to me!  When I had Ty I was 26 years old and although some of my motherly instincts kicked in, I had no idea what I was doing and was a nervous wreck.  I read many baby books and made sure I was doing everything right.  I even boiled his pacifiers to sanitize them if they dropped on the ground.  

Then Jack came along and I was way more relaxed.  I do remember a time I totally freaked out though.  I was in the kitchen making lunch and I turned around to see Ty (then not yet 3) had picked up his barely 5 lb brother and was carrying him across the living room.  I tried so badly not to panic and slowly walked towards Ty to grab Jack from him.  I was afraid if I ran or screamed that Ty would get scared and drop his baby brother!  Haha.  I will never forget that moment!  But other than that incident, I was pretty calm.

Three years later came Ella.  Not only was I more experienced and comfortable in my role as mom, but I was busy with two other kiddos and I just plain didn’t have time to be anything but laid back!  Life got crazy.  There was not enough coffee to drink. Pacifiers dropped on the ground and got put right back into her mouth.  And guess what?  She’s still alive today!


This is why the commercial is so funny to me.  I’ve been there, done that.  I’m sure many other parents can relate.



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