Celebrate Pink!

Itís hard when you donít have much money†to consider giving some of it away, but itís also a good habit to get into because giving makes for a full heart and a more unified community. As many of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month. At the Credit Union we call it Pinktober and we always strive to fundraise as much as we can for this wonderful organization. Susan G. Komen helps so many people find community, peace, comfort and cures for their life struggles. Even though I donít have much to give, I always try to invest in the cause, whether itís buying something or representing it.

Today I am representing Breast Cancer Awareness month and wearing pink purchases that have helped raise money for the cure. This bracelet is a limited edition†Lokai bracelet†that represents the high and low parts in life and how they work together. The white bead has water from Mt. Everest and the black has mud from the Dead Sea, it contains things from the highest and lowest places on earth. These pink earrings I purchased at the Credit Union a few years back during our Pinktober fundraising efforts (Thanks Lou for making them!). I added a pink shirt to the mix to make everything match, and there ya go! Representing Pinktober all the way. Even if you canít donate money, show you care for a cause in other ways. There are always opportunities to give and show support!

We are fundraising for Susan G. Komen by selling mason jars with straws, bracelets, lunch bags, pink paper ribbons and a pink ribbon quilt raffle! To find out more, visit: https://www.spokanefederal.com/blog/sfcu-thinks-pink/

pink† †lokai

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