Chore Charts

So get this.† Ty (8 and a half years old) asked me the other day when he was going to have a chore chart again.† What?!?† Did I hear you correctly?† Now, I donít believe he was asking because he wants to vacuum and pick up his room, I think he wants to earn extra cash to buy Pokemon cards.† But Iíll take it anyway!

We did chore charts last summer for the first time and the boys really liked them. (And so did I!)† But somehow once school started up, the charts got lost in the mix.† So with less than two weeks of school left, this mama is busting out the computer, printer and markers and getting prepared for summer!

There are fun chore charts you can print out for free online.† Or you can get creative and make one with cute magnets you move when the task is complete.† I even saw a chore punch card on Pinterest.† The options are endless.

Iím opting for a good old chore chart.† A list of chores for each day and the kids mark them off as they go.† We will pay at the end of the week (amount to be determined).† It wonít be a lot, but probably enough for a Pokemon card or two. †Iíll also help the boys divvy up their money into their ďspend, save, shareĒ piggy banks.† So not only will our house be a little cleaner (my expectations arenít too high) but my kids will be learning to work hard for their money, saving some for the future and maybe buying their mom an ice cream this summer- thatís sharing right?!?

† ††† †

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