Cooling Down For a Cause

Spokane Federal Credit Union takes the ice bucket challenge.

It didnít take long to persuade the Executive Management Team at Spokane Federal Credit Union to take on the challenge that is sweeping the nation.† However, once they heard that staff members were selling raffle tickets to see who would win a coveted spot holding a bucket of icy water, they got a little worried.† Then they heard the Credit Union would be making a $500 donation to Team Gleason and they realized that a cold bucket of water on a warm Spokane day would be well worth it!

Join us tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. in our main parking lot to witness the icy water being poured over our four management team membersí heads.

Tuesday, Aug. 19th

4:30 p.m.

601 W. Mallon (next door to the Flour Mill)

At the end of our icy pour-over, weíll challenge another local credit union (selected by staff via majority vote) to take the ice bucket challenge. † We hope to see you there--it's sure to be an chilly good time!

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