Date Night on a Dime!

By Alina Murcar, Marketing Intern

This last weekend Ryan came to visit me in Spokane, so it was my turn to come up with a fun date night! I brainstormed ideas of what we could do with a tight college budget. We finally decided on a walk through Manito Park in the evening, including the Japanese Gardens, and a stop by the Manito Park Bench Café for a break on the benches to soak it all in. We then followed up this little adventure with a Redbox movie, microwave popcorn, and our favorite candy and drinks!

We saw The Imitation Game—it's an incredible movie with a riveting plot and excellent cast. Definitely recommend seeing this—we give it two thumbs up!

Our favorite candy? Well, Ryan likes anything Haribo brand and I personally like a nice Snickers bar. The popcorn was lightly season with ranch powder just for a little extra zing. Mmmm...tasty!

So the total for our entire date night was:

Walk through Manito Park: Priceless
Redbox movie: $1.50
Snickers and Haribo candy: $4.00
Two cold drinks from Safeway: $4.00
10 pack of popcorn bags: $5.00

Total date cost: $14.50!

This summer there are very inexpensive/free outdoor movies at Riverfront Park and at The Shop in the Perry District each week. Click the links below to see the movie listings!

Riverfront Park dates and movie listings

The Shop dates and movie listings (via Facebook)

date night on a dime image Ry and I

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