Don't Pay Extra Fees, Shared Branching is a Breeze!

Attention all of my lovely college friends!

I know many of you have had to switch banks in order to complete financial transactions in Pullman because Pullman doesnt have very many convenient banking options for students (Im sure its similar at other college locations as well!). Oftentimes, in order to take money out of the ATM, you have to pay a feedun dun dun

But the cool thing I wanted you guys to know is that with credit unions there may not be many branches, but they have this incredibly convenient service called Shared Branching. If you are a member at a credit union, there are other credit unions that could be closer to where you live that you can do your banking from. For example, I am a member at Spokane Federal Credit Union, but I live a good 20 minutes from the Main Branch. Numerica Credit Union, however, is about a 5 minute drive from my house. So often, especially on the weekends, Ill just make my way over to Numerica to make a withdraw or deposit. More importantly, when Im down at school I can do all of the banking services I personally want through WSECU in the CUB (or their main branch on Bishop Avenue). It is incredibly easy and can be completely FEE FREE. No matter where you are going to school, I strongly suggest you look into banking with a credit union and if youre already part of one, ask if your credit union offers shared branching.Who knows, you could end up being able to spend way LESS money for even MORE convenience!

Click HERE to check out our shared branching locator to see if there is a shared credit union branch near you!

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