Easter Crafts

While college basketball was on our TV 24/7 this weekend, I did some super simple Easter craft projects.† Not only were they easy (like super easy), but I happened to have about 75% of the materials already, so they were super cheap too!

Craft #1

Easter crafts 2

We have 90,000 plastic Easter eggs (okay, not that many but pretty darn close) from egg hunts the last few years so I found a way to put some of them to good use.† I took a large vase, filled the bottom with fake Easter basket grass and then added about 20 pastel eggs to the top.† Voila! I have my Easter brunch centerpiece!

Craft #2

Easter crafts 1

I also happened to have cone shaped clear plastic bags from an after Easter sale last year.† I filled them with goldfish crackers and tied the end with green curling ribbon to make them look like carrots.† These are fun to give to kids and adults alike.† Instead of the goldfish you can also use: orange jelly beans, skittles or M&Ms, Cheetos, cheese balls, Cheese-its.† The possibilities are endless!


Easter crafts 3

Lastly I made Peeps on a stick!† I took two bunny shaped Peeps and stuck them on a half of a bamboo skewer.† (They also make sticks for cake pops that are not so sharp and dangerous, which would probably be a better choice, especially if you are giving them to kids.)† Then I tied on some ribbon, and in less than a minute I had a cute little Easter treat.

Iím not very crafty, so I was super proud of these little projects!† I hope you have fun making a few of them too!


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