Free Summer Movies!

Now that the school year is out for the summer, it's time to go on the lookout for some fun activities! Our Momcent's Mom, Krista, has the 411 on all of the hot summer deals! She recently let us in on a little secret that the Garland Theater is doing free kids movies this summer and Regal is doing $1 movies. With three kids around, a deal is a steal! We peeked at the list for upcoming movies at the Garland Theater and heres a few that might spark your interest: The Peanuts Movie, Minions, Home, The SpongeBob Movie, and Goosebumps. There's plenty more to choose from, just pick which ones appeal to you and your little ones! CLICK HERE for a list of the Garland's free movies and CLICK HERE for a list of Regal Cinema's $1 movies. May your summer be filled with great deals and memorable moments! 

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