Gaining Education, One Adventure at a Time

Along with our new website and home banking features, we’ve also updated our Education tab under “It’s A Money Thing” to include 26 short and fun videos that talk about useful finance practices at this time of your life.

Things like student loans, living on your own, creating a food budget and having a social life (and balancing these all at the same time) have probably been on your mind a time or two (or a ton) these days. Our goal is to arm you with the tools and information to help you handle this balancing act while remaining financially healthy and secure. Believe us, we want you to have a blast during these years, but also while saving yourself heartache later!

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During your trip to our Education tab on our website, check out other information like our Making Cents of College Life blog and your own personal copy of our Guide To Money. Plus, we’re always updating our members on social media. You can find us on FacebookInstagram, TwitterLinkedIn and Pinterest under the name “SpoFed”. Come hang out with us!

Budgeting Basics - It's a Money Thing

Follow Jen as she makes a visit to The Budget Fortune Teller.

See all 26 videos available! 

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