Grandchildren are the best!

Iím a very proud grandma!† My granddaughter, Aurora Quinn, arrived in early August and she is beautiful.† I canít begin to tell you the joy I feel each time I see her or touch her small hands!† Iíve made sure everyone has had an opportunity to see her picture!† Not only is she beautiful, but she is brilliant as well!† Just the other morning she sent me a text, ďHi GrandmaĒ along with a picture of her.† I love being a grandma.† It is the best thing ever and I highly recommend it.

One of the first things I did for her was open a Youth Account.† Imagine you are an SFCU owner-member and you are just barely 5 weeks old!† Her membership will start benefiting her right away with the magic of compounding dividends.† With a small deposit of $25 a month, by the time she is 16 she should have a good start on a down payment for her first car. (Approximately $5,000 bucks!)† Speaking of cars, have you checked out our car loan calculator?† Itís just one of the many tools we added to our new website.

Itís never too soon to start saving!

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