Halloween Crafts Up in Here!

I happen to have like 1,000 “wiggly eyes” left over from a craft I did with Jack’s kindergarten class last year.  In researching what to do with all the eyes, I came across all of these fun and inexpensive Halloween crafts!  These are especially perfect if you happen to have 1,000 eyeballs laying around like me.  Have fun and happy crafting!

Eyeball Frame


What you need:

            Cheap frame (hello Dollar Store!)

            Wiggly eyes (I have the sticker type, but the normal ones require a hot glue gun)

            A festive colored ribbon


Stick or glue eyes all over the front of the frame.  Wrap ribbon around the bottom portion of frame and secure with a small about of glue on back of frame.

I See You Cups

another CUTe!

What you need:

            Orange plastic cups (or black would be cute too)

            Wiggly eyes


            Stick or glue two eyes on to the top portion of the cup.  Instant party cups for a class party!

Masking Tape Mummy


What you’ll need:

            Black construction paper

            Masking tape

            Wiggly eyes


With a pencil, draw an outline of a mummy.  Cut out mummy. Take masking tape and randomly put all over mummy, wrapping any extra around to the back.  Place wiggly eyes and you are done!  Bonus: the cutting and tape placing is great for fine motor skills for the little ones.

Mummy Jars

another cute

What you need:

            Glass canning jars (I always seem to have these around the house)

            Medical gauze

            Mod Podge or crafting glue

            Paint brush

            Tea lights or battery operated candles


Paint glass jar with Mod Podge or crafting glue.  Wrap medical gauze around the jar.  Place eyes at top of jar and drop candle into bottom of jar.  And just like that you have a super cute Halloween decoration for years to come!


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