Holiday Clearance

The weeks following Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter are my favorite times to shop for holiday decorations and supplies!  I am not sure if the best part is how much you can save OR when you get your holiday stuff out the next year and you forgot all the fun goodies you bought the year before!  Here are some tips for shopping the clearance sales after the holidays:

·      Don’t buy right away.  Some sales right after the holidays won’t save you much money.  I’ll see a 50% off sale after Halloween and know for a fact that the Halloween stuff was already 50% off before the actual holiday.  Be patient.  Most will start at 50% off, then go to 70% off and then sometimes 90%.  Last year I saw all the Christmas stuff 70% off at Target and they had a ton of inventory, knowing it would go to 90% off soon, I waited and it paid off.

·      I like to buy a lot of paper supplies.  Paper plates and napkins are some of my favorites.  I put them away and then the following year I volunteer to bring them to the kids’ class parties.  I pay like $0.19 for 24 plates.  I also love to buy Christmas bags, tissue and wrapping paper.  And if you wait it gets super cheap!

·      Look for stuff you can use the whole year.  Ziplock sandwich bags for example; they may have some holiday image on them but it doesn’t mean they won’t work for lunches the rest of the year.  Also, last year I got Crest Whitestrips for 90% off because they were in “Christmas packaging.”  And look for clearance toys you can put away for birthday parties your kids get invited to.

·      Lastly, it’s super easy to get caught up in the “it’s such a good deal” idea and end up wasting money.  Think if you REALLY will use it and/or if you need it.  Like the GIANT light up Jack-o-lantern I just bought…. J  hehe!


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