Holiday Prep!

No matter how organized I try to be between Thanksgiving and Christmas, those three to four weeks always end up being so stressful!  This year I want to be able to enjoy the holidays with my family.  In order to do that, I am going to try to get a few things done between now and Thanksgiving so that I can have more time to relax and enjoy my favorite time of the year.  So here is my list of to-do’s for the next few weeks.

5 things you can do now so you can enjoy the holidays more:

Make your holiday cards

Making holiday cards is easier than ever with many options for online ordering.  I love doing picture cards, so I am going to go online, design and order my cards.  I may even try to address them, who knows!

Stock up on stocking stuffers

Start checking out the clearance shelves and stock up on goodies as you see them.  Hide them away…but hide them where you can find them come the holidays!

Freeze now, bake later

Some cookie dough can be frozen.  Make it up now and bake when you need them.  Or better yet, bake the cookies now and take them out of the freezer as you need them.  My favorite holiday treat?  Try out these super easy turtles!  Make them and store in the freezer.  Here’s the challenge though- try not to eat them all before the holidays. :)

Make your list and check it twice

Giving gifts is my favorite thing in the whole entire world!  Between our kids, family members, friends, teachers etc., my list of people to buy for can get kind of long.  Making a list makes me feel more organized and helps me to not forget anybody.  There’s also several apps available to help you keep your gift giving organized and stay on budget.

Set your budget

Speaking of budget, it’s important for me to stick to a budget during the holidays so we don’t start the New Year broke!  When budgeting don’t forget to add expenses for extra food for different occasions, holiday attire, decorations, possible travel, as well as gifts.  It’s probably a good idea to have a little extra budgeted for “just in case” items that come up.

Happy holiday prepping Momcents readers! :)

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