Honor Your Mom

Let us know why your mom is best and she could win a gift basket valued at $100!  Click here for the entry form and all the details.  Enter soon--the contest ends May 5th. 


This previous year's entry really touched our hearts:   

“Our Mom has nice teeth.  She is always there for us.  She still tucks us in every night and she has a good sense of humor.  She is very athletic and always does stuff with us as a family.  She likes to take us hiking and makes us play outside even when we don’t want to.  She is a joy to have around every single day.  She helps us save up for things when we need them like college.  She took us under her wing and takes care of us all her life.  She is a caring sweetheart.  She loves us with all of her heart and never would let anything bad happen to us.  Out of the million moms out there, we’re glad we got this one!”



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