Hunting for Eggs


I don’t know why but I am determined to reduce the amount of candy my kiddos collect this Easter!  Maybe it’s because we took them all to the dentist last week and all three were in the “no cavity” club and I’d like to keep it that way?  Or most likely it’s because I end up eating half of it!  I cannot be the only Mom guilty of this, can I? 

Here’s the goodies I am thinking of putting inside the eggs for our annual Easter morning egg hunt:

  • SOME candy.  I am not that mean!  Some of their favorites are Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Duds, Dots and Junior Mints.

  •  Quarters, dimes and nickels

  • A few dollar bills

  • Chuck E Cheese coins (I think I have a few laying around from our last visit)

  • Small super bouncy balls

  • Fruits snacks

  • Chapstick

  • Coupons- maybe a “skip a chore” or “I pick what’s for dinner” coupon.

  • Stickers and temporary tattoos

  • Dental Floss?  Haha.  They’ll love that one.

I’m so looking forward to watching them hunt for eggs.  Especially Ella, oh man will she have fun this year.  Her brothers better watch out.  And they all better watch over there baskets full of eggs because I happen to like all the candy they like too!


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