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What can you do with $5 these days? There aren't a lot of things you can do for $5. Even a movie ticket is twice that!

SFCU membership is free and more accessible to you and others than you might think! Just a $5 balance in your savings account opens a membership with us for a lifetime of credit union benefits.

Who can join SFCU? Federal employees, County employees, Washington Air National Guard, persons who work, live, worship, volunteer or go to school in the downtown neighborhood, Select Employee Groups and that is just to name a few. An entire list can be found by clicking here on eligibility. If you aren't sure, just ask!

Family members are eligible too! I'll soon have a beautiful granddaughter. I am so excited! What better way to start off her young life than with a membership savings account. It's a gift that will keep on giving.

Once a member, always a member! If you change jobs, retire, move, etc., you can continue to enjoy the same level of service with us. While we can't be everywhere, we are a member of Shared Branching.  Just look for the nearest CU Service Centers.

Thanks for spreading the good news about membership with SFCU! We think we are the best-kept secret in town!

Susan - President and CEO

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