Just Say No

The struggle is real.  My little shopping buddy Ella has been asking me to buy her just about everything she sees at the store lately.  “Mommy, can I have this?’  “But Mommy, I would really like this!”  Unless the purpose for the trip to the store is to pick out something for her, I try my best to stick to my guns and my shopping list.  And once I say no, it never changes to a yes, no matter how much sweet talking she lays on me.  It’s hard, really hard.  Especially in the checkout lines lined with candy and small toys that are placed there specifically to torture parents.  Read here on how those little purchases can add up fast!

And it doesn’t stop with the 4 year old.  For example, my boys really wanted a video game last summer.  I asked if they had enough money to buy it and they didn’t.  So we walked right by the display and went home.  Once home, we came up with a plan for them to work to earn money to buy it. Vacuuming, dusting, wiping down counters, sweeping, and the list went on.  It was long and they weren’t too happy.  But they came together and worked hard to earn enough money for the video game.  They felt accomplished and proud of the purchase they earned. And I was happy to have a clean house. J

Now I’m not saying I NEVER buy them things at the store, I do!  In fact, I just bought Jack a new basketball the other day, he convinced me the other 500 basketballs we have at home weren’t good enough (he’s THAT good!). And just this morning I let Ella spend her own money on the Shopkins figures she’s currently obsessed with.  But these things were a special TREAT because it doesn’t happen all the time.   Stay strong Moms and Dads - and away from the toy aisles - you are not alone!

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