Little Entrepreneur

Our neighborhood held their annual garage sale last weekend. Driveways and garages were full of junk to some, treasures to others. We participated a few years ago but it was so much work! We spent days organizing and pricing items and I think we ended up making around $75. I told myself Id never do another garage sale again.

But Ty, my seven year old, begged me to let him try to sell some of his toys this year. I told him if he did all the work himself, then he could try. He got out an old laundry basket, filled it with some of his stuffed animals and put a simple (and tiny!) sign on the basket. He went with an uncomplicated pricing plan - everything was $1.00. He made his way out to our driveway, sat on an old bucket and waited. Sales were slow going at first but he ended up making $10.15 in an hour and a half. Not bad for a first grader! He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him. If we ever do attempt a garage sale again, I think Im putting my little entrepreneur in charge!

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