Live long and prosper!

Wow, this year is going fast.  We have had a busy year, with launching a new website, offering mobile banking, P2P, etc.  It is that time of year for us where we meet with management and staff to talk about what we did right this year, what could we have improved upon and what we can do to create a more valued member experience for 2013.

As you know, I love Star Trek.  I have been a fan of science fiction for a very long time.  Hopefully you will forgive me and allow me to give you our planning thoughts in terms related to Star Trek.  Remember to set your phaser to stun…

  1. The best way to stay true to our credit union roots and membership is to boldly go where no one has gone before.  Explore and reach out to our membership and find unique ways to add value to their lives.

  2. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  We won’t be able to offer everything to everyone.  However, we want to be the BEST at what we do offer. 

  3. Make sure you have your Communicator set to “translate”.  Communication is important and so is being a good listener.  We value our members’ feedback and when possible, implement your requests.  Who knows better what you need than you!

  4. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise was a very diverse group.  Plan products and services to meet all your financial needs.

  5. Captain Picard always began each voyage with “Engage”.  We want to engage our members to build loyalty and trust.

  6. The Dilithium Crystals may fail just when we need warp speed. We will take this as a learning experience, make the best of a tough situation and we will own it.  Somehow Scotty always came through for the Captain.  If we put our collective heads together we can make it work!

  7. Scams and con artists will have their “cloaking devices” on for a surprise attack.  We will keep you informed with tips and help to avoid falling into their trap. 

  8. Every crew member on board has a clearly defined role and is trained.  We will make sure our staff are trained and our mission is to serve you.

  9. Last but not least, we will want to “make it so”!  We will want to follow through with a plan of action to make our strategic plans happen for a safe, healthy and successful credit union.

Live long and prosper!  We will look forward to the future at SFCU with you.

 Susan Blain – President and CEO

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