Meet Our Members

We all have our daily routines: wake up, eat breakfast, drive to work, hit the gym or do something with friends, then retire home for the evening and relax. The credit union as a whole has a similar routine except this routine isn't focused on usóit's focused on the amazing members we serve. Our daily routine is to provide our members†with the highest quality of products and services that we possibly can.

Because this is our goal, we are always thrilled to hear when our members are satisfied with what we provide for them. After all, we would be nothing without them! We are your Family & Friends For Life! Here are a few member testimonials about our members' experiences and why they are Spokane Federal Credit Union.

meet our members

Bob and Sharon:†
These two†have been members of SpoFedCU for 40 years. They always spread so much cheer when they come to the Credit Union and their lively presence is contagious! We are so grateful for their friendship all these years.


Chris is a musician†and excellent friend to the credit union. We'd be happy to have him serenade us any time with his eclectic musical skills!


Dan and Kathy:
These two always come in and leave with smiles on their faces. They are simply a delight!


Meet Ginger-she is a two-time cancer survivor! We are so lucky to be around this inspirational woman.


John values camaraderie, warmth, and sincerity when it comes to customer service. He is truly a member of our family.

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