Memory Box

If you are a mom of school-aged children, you have probably been caught red handed throwing away your kidsí art projects, drawings, etc.They are adorable, but you simply cannot keep all of them or your house would be over-flowing with finger paintings.
If you are anything like me you quietly sneak some of it from their backpack, admire it for a second and then put it in the garbage.Iíve been caught many times, but I have to say I am getting pretty good at it after 6 plus years of practice.

Now, thatís not to say I donít keep a good amount of it.Just the other day I saved an adorable penguin Ella made in preschool, a paper hat Jack made for his 100th day of kindergarten and a third grade writing piece from Ty.After I choose special projects to keep,I write their name and date on the back and put it in their memory box.†

Each kiddo has a large container we store in our basement full of memories.School projects, their first Halloween costume, class pictures, report cards, birth announcements, our holiday cards, outfit they wore home from the hospital, 1st birthday candle, newspapers from big world and local happenings, even one of Jackís preemie diapers so we can remember just how small he once was.†

I went through their memory boxes just the other day and had an ear to ear grin the entire time.And maybe a few tears in my eyes too.I am so glad I held on to these sweet, sweet memories.I hope the kids will be thankful someday too.And maybe, just maybe they will forget about the ones I threw away.


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