Morning Madness

Getting three kids up and ready for school can be a daunting task.  If I am not organized about it, it can turn into a stressful, nagging-filled event.  The biggest key for me is to prepare the evening before.  That way I am not in a rush in the morning and get to sleep in a little longer.  (It’s a total win-win).  Here is what I find works the best for me and my family:

Pack lunches (or at least most of it) the night before: I don’t always do this, but if I know we will be in a rush the next morning, it’s a total time saver.  I pack everything but the sandwich (no one wants a soggy sandwich) and ice pack. 

Lay out clothes the night before: I do this for the littlest two.  My oldest boy is great about waking up early and getting dressed.  Plus he’s not picky about clothes at all….yet.  If I have to be somewhere early, I’ll even lay out clothes for myself.


Go through backpacks the night before: No one wants to find a permission slip that needs to be filled out ASAP or find out you are supposed to send a snack for the class as you are rushing out the door in the morning

Pack backpacks the night before: Library books due?  Homework due?  Show and Tell?  Have your kids put everything they will need the next day in their backpacks the night before. 

Go over schedules the night before: Our afternoons can get a little crazy with three kids in activities so I try to make sure everyone knows who is going where and when.  Then I reinforce in the morning cause sometimes little minds (and moms) can forget.

Now, by no means do our mornings always go smoothly.  For the most part though, we all leave the house and still like each other.  Hehe!  Oh and how could I forget my number one tip to beat the morning madness: coffee!  Lots and lots of coffee!


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