My First Paycheck

by Olivia, Guest Contributor

Last fall I turned 17 and got my first job! I couldn’t believe I would actually be able to start shopping, going to the movies or grabbing a coffee without having to ask my parents for cash or to transfer money onto my debit card. Needless to say, it was big deal! I picked up my first paycheck from work and thought, “Yes, now I can go to the mall.” But then I realized I just had a check, I didn’t have the money in my account at the credit union and I was at home, in the Valley and couldn’t get downtown. So I did what any responsible teenager would do, I called my mom. She told me that I could deposit my check through the credit union’s mobile app! WHAT, how can I do that? Mom said I should call the credit union and they’d explain it all to me! I called Brittney and she walked me through how to do Mobile Deposit! It was so easy!! Moral of the story… you can’t spend your paycheck until it’s in your account, AND until you put some of your money into savings. Mom makes me do that with each paycheck – she calls it “paying yourself first.”


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