Need to Move Some Money?

Do you have a college student living away from home? Or perhaps you need to pay back a friend or coworker who spotted you a few dollars at lunch or picked up tickets to a ZAGS game for you? Helping you get your money where you want it to go is what we do at SFCU. For example, out Chief Financial Officer, Joe, has a daughter at WSU who regularly requires infusions of cash for school and living expenses. Since they both have accounts at SFCU, they use our Member-to-Member Transfer feature on our online and mobile banking sites to move money from Joeís account to his daughterís. All he needs to know is her member and account number. Itís as simple as moving money from your own checking account to your savings. †Click here for more details.

If you need to transfer money to someone who's not a credit union member, use our Person-to-Person Transfer feature. †All you need is the person's name, email address and mobile phone number. †Click here for more information.


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