Not-So-Cheap Date!

It was a rainy, dreary weekend a few weeks ago so I decided to take my boys on a little day date to the movies. Ella stayed home with daddy as I donít think sheís quite ready to sit still for 2 hours (or a half an hour for that matter.)

We donít go to movies very often and I was reminded why when I paid for everything!† $25 for the three of us to get in, $12 for a small pop and small popcorn to share and $4 for candy we bought at the gas station and snuck in. (Donít tell anyone! :))† Now, I know we could have skipped the treats and saved some dough, but to look over at my boys starring at the screen, popcorn by the handfuls going into their mouths, wonderment in their eyes- it was totally worth every penny.

But there are some great ways to save money at the movies too.† It just takes a little planning ahead!

  • Get a rewards card for the movie theater you frequent.† This gets you FREE pop, popcorn or even movie tickets the more you use it.

  • Buy discounted tickets at stores like Costco.† You can save $2.00 or more on each ticket.

  • Eat before you go.† Then maybe just get one treat!† Or none. :)

  • Wait a few months and see if the movie you want to see goes to a discounted theater like The Garland Theater in Spokane.

Iím going to have to take my own advice next time since soon Ella will be 4 and will want to be included in on the fun too!† Either that or start a separate savings account for the movies! :)

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