Our Youth: How SMART they are!

Ensuring that the youth in our community understands financial responsibility is something that we take very seriously at Spokane Federal Credit Union. Sometimes, we get to work with some children from before their first birthday all the way through the important milestones in their lives. Other times, we look to reach out and educate the youth by visiting them in the places where they spend much of their time, such as school. Last week, Ed, our Business Development Officer, was invited to instruct a series of classes at Sacajawea Middle School. Ed was tasked with engaging and educating these future leaders of our community about budgeting and saving money.

Staying on track with a budget can be challenging, even for the savviest of savers. The level of interest, participation and feedback from the students was remarkable as they clearly discussed wants vs. needs, different types of expenses, and how to keep track of their finances. As the students took a deep dive into the world of budgeting, they quickly recognized the importance of planning and ensuring that living expenses are accounted for. They understood their money values and the ways that budgeting will help them succeed in the future.

The next topic was fun for everyone, as the discussion turned to saving and some best practices associate with it. The class discussed why they save, what to save, where to save and most importantly, how to save. The lesson culminated in each student setting a personalized SMART goal that helped set a clear path to helping them achieve a goal. Some of the goals consisted of taking a trip to Europe, paying for the first year of college and saving for a first automobile. The goals and dreams of the youth in our community are large and specific, and deserve our attention. We were very pleased to help and present some useful information to some of the most important members of our community!


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