Pause before you make that purchase!

A financial tip that has stuck with me since my teen years was determining the Ďpersonalí value of purchases. I can remember a time when I badly desired to have a new, expensive watch. My parents encouraged me to think of the $100 purchase in terms of my hourly job. At $8 an hour, it would take 12 Ĺ hours to earn $100. Working part time in high school, it would take me nearly a week to earn the money necessary to purchase that watch. After adjusting my paradigm to this new way of thinking, that expensive watch didnít seem so necessary after all. Applying this technique in my adult life has helped me to give pause to impulses, in turn allowing me to save money.

Favorite sunny day activity: Riding my bicycle

Favorite restaurant: Manito Tap House

A life goal: Spend one season traveling and watching every GU basketball game live

Written by Jeremy†--Real Estate/Consumer Loan Officer

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