Phishing Scam (Phone Scam)!

Thank goodness our members know us!†† So well in fact they know we would NEVER call your home and ask you detailed questions about your credit card or debit card.† We have been receiving many phone calls today from members letting us know that an automated call is coming into their home saying they need to take action on their Visa debit or credit card Ė everything from activating the card to scaring you into thinking there is fraud on the card.† This automated message asks you to put in your card information.† Donít be fooled!† We would never ask you for that information, we already have it!† The caller ID on the call either comes through with all zeroes or comes in with a 762 area code.

Please, continue to be diligent and NEVER give out your card information or any account information!† At Spokane Federal, when we contact you about any action you need to take on your credit or debit card, or anything else about your account, we will do it either via an email or a letter to the address on record.† This communication from us will contain only minimal identification of the card(s) or account(s) involved.† We seldom make a phone call and if we do, it will come from a real person, not an automated machine!

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