Quality Time

With three young kiddos itís hard to try to fit in quality time with each of them. I find it especially hard to fit it in with Ty, my 8 year old. Between school, friends, sports and other activities sometimes I feel like I hardly see the kid! But recently we had the best time, just the two of us, and guess what? It didnít even cost a lot of money!

I picked him up from youth group, leaving the younger kids home with daddy. We stopped by Target so I could look for something really quick and then we were going to head home Ė or so we thought! I treated Ty to a pop and bag of popcorn and off we went exploring the store. We tried on hats and clothes, looked at games and books, searched the clearance racks and on and on. We laughed and had great conversation and before we knew it we had spent an hour and a half there! We didnít even buy anything except the pop and popcorn. But the time I got to spend with my little guy, just the two of us, was priceless! It was a good reminder that quality time doesnít necessarily mean big plans and lots of money. It just takes time.

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