School Supply Shopping

Seems just like yesterday we were singing ďschools out for the summer!Ē And just like that itís almost time for school to start back up again. In fact, relatives in Nebraska and California have already started school! In just a few short weeks itíll be my turn to post First Day of School photos on Facebook and I can hardly believe it.

But before school starts I have to tackle the dreaded school supply list. Here is the list of school supplies I need for my preschooler, 1st grader and 4th grader this year:

Back to school momcents 22 pencil boxes, 4 composition notebooks, 4 packages markers, 2 pairs of scissors, 4 boxes crayons, 2 boxes colored pencils, 18 glue sticks, 4 dozen sharpened pencils, 6 pocket folders, 2 sets of headphones, 1 box sandwich ziplock bags, 2 three ring binders, dividers for binders, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 package fine tip sharpies, 2 ballpoint pens, 1 box Kleenex, 2 pads sticky notes, 2 highlighters, 2 black sharpies, 1 package notebook paper, 1 hand sanitizer, 1 wood ruler, 1 large pink eraser, 2 bottles white glue, 1 package unscented baby wipes, 1 package napkins, 1 ream of copy paper (optional).

This doesnít include the backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and bigger clothes they may need too. Kind of overwhelming if I do say so myself! But this isnít my first rodeo so Iíve come up with tips on how to tackle the monster lists and how to save some money too.

Kristaís tips for back to school supply shopping:

Combine your lists. Back to school Momcents 4Instead of me looking at three different lists to add up how many glue sticks we need (18 total!!!), I combined my lists to make it easy at a quick glance.

Keep the list with you! Once you have your list all organized, keep it in your purse. I was at a store the other day and saw some good sales but didnít have my list with me to know what to get. Ugh!!!

Go through last yearsí supplies and reuse when possible. We had a few blank notebooks, a ruler, pencil sharpener, 2 pencil boxes, 2 pairs of scissors and headphones from last year. Check those puppies off the list!

Back to school momcentsPrice Match. Find a great deal on markers and hand sanitizer in the Fred Meyer ad but are doing most of your shopping at Walmart? Tell the cashier at checkout and they will price match Fred Meyerís prices. Staples is also advertising that they will beat competitors prices on all supplies plus and extra 10% off. It may seem like a lot of work to price match but it saves you from driving around town and saves you money too. Itís a win-win!

Buy extra. This wonít save you money today but will later. Most school supplies are super cheap right now, so I stock up on supplies that we use at home throughout the year.

Buy in bulk. The kids always need a crazy amount of glue sticks, so I found a 30 pack of glue sticks on Amazon for cheaper than they are on sale at the stores. We should be good on glue sticks for the year, plus I didnít have to leave my house- bonus!

Back to school Momcents 3Good luck and happy back-to-school shopping to you!



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