Select Employer Groups Make Membership at Spokane Federal Credit Union Special

Membership at Spokane Federal is something that we consider incredibly valuable. Each month, people find their way to us through the recommendation of family and friends, community outreach and online services. We also continue to serve and invest in our Select Employer Groups (SEG) program. We’ve worked hard over the years to create trusting and positive relationships with our SEGS and our commitment to them remains strong. We provide our SEGS with a variety of information, resources and services that add value for their employees. Working with them, we find the best possible ways to educate and inform their staff of financial wellness best practices that can help make their lives less stressful and more secure.

Financial stress can impact the workplace in many ways – distraction, health concerns, conflict, and lack of satisfaction just to name a few. By working with employers to provide a strong curriculum in financial literacy, budgeting, investing and much, much more, we can touch the lives of our members in a positive way that benefits them, their employers, their families and our community as a whole. And we do it all for free. It’s all a part of what it means to be a member at Spokane Federal Credit Union.

If you’d like to know more about what we can do to help foster financial wellness in your workplace, call our Business Development Officer, Ed Bedell at (509) 323-1309 or look online here.

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