Teacher Survey

I love teachers.  And I also happen to love giving gifts.  So you guessed it, I love to spoil my kid's teachers.  But with three kids with teachers, assistant teachers, student teachers, etc. it is hard to keep track of them all let alone personalize their gifts.  And really, how many candles and coffee mugs can one teacher use?

So this year I decided to send a survey to my kids’ teachers at the beginning of the school year.  Some of the questions included:

·         What is your favorite color?

·         What is your favorite drink?

·         What is your favorite snack?

·         Do you like coffee or tea?  If so, where is your favorite place to get it?

·         What do you like to do with your family?

Now I have all the information I need to make these teachers feel appreciated all school year long.  Just a few weeks ago, I did a “Happy Wednesday” treat.  One teacher got his favorite gum (Extra chocolate chip mint), one got Jr Mints, one got a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup shaped like a pumpkin and one got her favorite dark chocolate covered almonds with coconut.  Yum!  It cost only a few dollars but was so fun to do and hopefully brought a smile to their day.

I’m so excited to continue spoiling the teachers that are loving and guiding my kiddos every day.  Just wish I would have thought about the “teacher survey” a few years ago.  Oh well, we have PLENTY of school years ahead of us!


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