Teaching Generosity

I know it probably sounds cliché but one of my most favorite things about the holidays is giving. Whether it’s giving a small gift to my son’s bus driver or donating toys to a toy drive, nothing makes me happier. I so badly want to pass this feeling on to my kids. I want to teach them that we are so lucky to have a Christmas tree, a nice warm meal and presents to open. This is a process, as it is hard for kids to think beyond their own little world. But it’s also something that can be taught all year long. Here are a few things I have done to begin to teach this important lesson and I am looking forward to many more learning experiences to come!

Food Drives - I let the kids help me raid the pantry and pick out food to donate to local food drives.

Halloween candy - This year we had three large bowls of candy after trick-or-treating. We dumped out all the candy and sorted the candy into “keep” and “give away” piles. We kept one bowl for us and donated two bowls to the troops.

School supplies - This summer Ty helped his dad out on his grandma’s farm. He earned money for his help. I had him take a small percentage of what he earned and pick out school supplies for kids in need.

Tree of Sharing - I like to have the kids pick off the tree and take them shopping to buy the gift. It’s fun to see what age/gender child they choose to buy for and what they pick out for them.

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