Terrific Toys

I was looking at a basketball hoop in our dining room the other day (yes, you read that correctly, there is a basketball hoop in our dining room) and thought to myself, “man that was a great investment!”  Ty got the Fisher-Price adjustable hoop eight Christmases ago and not a day has gone by that at least one shot hasn’t been attempted on it.  Unless we were out of town or it’s Thanksgiving and we need our dining room back!  They shoot before school, after school, on the weekends.  They play Horse, Pig, Around the World, one on one, and have trick shot competitions.  Ty taught Ella how to shoot on it for the first time this fall.  A least one night a week we have a family game and the boys try everything to not be stuck with their mom- ha ha!  It has been worth every penny spent, to say the least!

Then there are the toys that get played with once or twice and get forgotten about and end up getting donated before they pay for themselves.  You just never know what is going to be a hit and what’s going to flop.  My reminiscing about the hoop got me thinking about what toys have been worth the investment, so here is my list!

  • Fisher-Price basketball hoop (see above)
  • Puzzles: we love the Crocodile Creek brand.  Great for the little ones.
  • Play-Doh: Ella can play with it for hours!  You can easily make the dough and just use utensils from home.  She likes to use our rolling pin, garlic press and apple slicer.
  • Books!  We buy them mostly from the kids’ book fairs at school, but have also made some great finds at garage sales and library sales.
  • Fisher-Price Roll-a-Rounds: Swirlin’ Surprise Gumball Machine.  Jack and Ella loved this when they were little.  Hours of fun.
  • Nerf guns: talk about family fun!  We all have fun with them.
  • Balls: all my kids (especially the boys) love sports.  We spend a lot of time in the backyard playing football, baseball, kickball etc.

And last and certainly not surprising since I write Momcents: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank.  It’s never too early to start learning the importance of money!

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