The $100 bill gets an upgrade.

Have you heard the news?  The $100 bill has been upgraded with new security features to fight fraud, such as a disappearing Liberty Bell in an ink well and a bright blue three-dimensional security ribbon with images that move in the opposite direction from the way the bill is being tilted.

The following information was gathered from the Washington Post.

“This bill has gone high-tech to fight fraud. Along with that color-changing bell in the inkwell, the paper cash depicts another optical illusion: a pattern of Liberty Bell icons that shifts into a pattern of “100” icons. There’s also a textured jacket for Mr. Franklin and a new view of Independence Hall.”

Did you know? 

According to the Washington Post, “Hundred-dollar bills are built to last. The estimated “life span” of a $100 bill is 15 years, the longest of any denomination. The $10 bill has the shortest life span, clocking in at just 4.2 years. Still, money is made to endure: A regular piece of paper can be folded 400 times before it breaks, said Peter Hopkins, a consultant to Crane & Co., which makes the paper on which our currency is printed.”

But before you ask one of our friendly Tellers for one, keep this in mind—it will undoubtedly take some time before it circulates our way. 


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