The Balancing Act

This is the first semester I’ll be juggling both work and school. Given, I have a fairly light work schedule, but working at all definitely takes up a solid amount of time. It’ll be an adventure to balance everything on my plate, but that’s the fun part. Part of being in college is figuring out the best time management that works for you. For me, staying busy is fun. Balancing my time takes strategy and ends up being like my very own little life puzzle…and I totally enjoy it. Some people, however, work better when they have more time to think things through and really dive into a select few activities. Both can be equally successful, it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you. My roommate, Autumn, is a full time student and pays her way through college. She’s an excellent example of how to balance work, school and everything in between.

“Each person has to figure out how much they can work while maintaining quality course grades. Use your money to pay bills first, then fun activities. Remember to always, always pay bills first: rent, electricity, groceries, and whatever else. You never want to be caught without a home.”

Ultimately it comes down to balance and remember that losing balance is also part of living a balanced life. So work hard, have fun and laugh a little.



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