The Moonjar

All three of my kids received piggy banks as baby gifts. Ty, my 7 year old, has a WSU cougar football bank. Jack, my 4 year old, has a big brown pig football bank. Ella, my 1 year old, has a little pink owl bank to match her nursery. They would get money for birthdays or holidays and we’d put their money in their banks and occasionally we’d put some in their savings accounts, but more often Ty would take his bank, dump it out and want to SPEND! That’s when the Moonjar came into play. Ty got his Moonjar free from the credit union. A Moonjar is like having three separate savings acco
unts in one place – there is a spot to put money to Share, Save and Spend. So now when Ty gets money we make sure he puts some in each section. Then, when he wants to buy a new Skylander (his latest obsession) or video game, he needs to have enough money in his “Save” part of his Moonjar. The “Share” part is used to help buy a birthday present for a friend, give his brother some change when he is short on cash for a toy or to donate to charity. And the “Save” section gets emptied every now and again and goes into his credit union savings account. Ty loves it and so do we. He still has his football bank, but now it’s used to decorate his sports-themed room he shares with Jack – who will soon get a Moonjar of his own.

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