The Power of Reading

In honor of National Credit Union Youth Month, we asked Jesse, one of our amazing Tellers, what advice he has for people wanting to learn more about money. Here's what he had to say.

"My best financial advice to anybody, young or old (but especially younger folks) is: READ A BOOK!!! Seriously! Find a book on financial literacy and get yourself educated. The better the star average on, the better off youll be. For some bizarre reason, the public education system leaves us woefully unprepared for the financial realities of adulthood. Teachers would much rather fill your head with random data that youll never need to use again outside of being a contestant on Jeopardy! including the half-life of uranium, the exact cause of Shays Rebellion and the metaphorical significance behind Lennies desire to pet the rabbits in Of Mice and Men rather than show you how to manage your finances and retire comfortably. Ive seen too many friends and family members spend themselves into a deep, dark hole because they didnt know any better. I dont want that to happen to you, especially if youre in a good place to avoid it.

So grab a book or two! Theyre super-cheap to buy and even free if you check them out from the library! For the older crowd who is looking to repair their current financial situation, Id recommend Dave Ramseys Total Money Makeover. Dave is outspoken, humorous and knowledgeable about debt since hes been there himself once before. For younger people, take a look at Zac Bissonnettes How to Be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking Than Your Parents. Not only is it packed full of useful and up-to-date info , Zacs book is irreverent and fun to read expect snarky references to the financial transgressions of The Real Housewives for an idea of Bissonnettes style. (If youre a student, hes also published a prior book, Debt-Free U, that covers how to get through college while avoiding debt.) Get educated and make the rest of your financial life easier on yourself!"

-Jesse/ Teller, writer and University of Montana grad--Go Griz!

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